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Mrs Smith

I voted for Obama last election, Its apparent he is out of touch with the realities happening in our world today. No immigration bill passed , no water bill signed for the State of California, all held back for political reasons! When it comes to Benghazi, it does concern me that he chose to be ' Eye Candy " on the view instead of handling the situation, took to long to say the truth ! As a American I always am on alert when it comes to the anniversary of 9-11, so why wasnt the PRESIDENT! As I recall Hillary isnt the president " The BUCK STOPS WITH THE PRESIDENT HE KNEW YET LIED!! Romney isnt the only one with over seas ties. Obama accuses but yet he doesnt reveal that he ALSO has vested money in china! double standard?

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Furthermore unanticipated from this survey... every last community of the status... increased San Diego... have scored Romney as the "clear winner" together with the Core Valley providing the former Boston Governor the maximum circumference from win.

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Gossips have vanished now. well Obama mean it ....

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Narrowly, debate watchers say Romney had the best one liner.

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Romney is awesome!

Bernhard H.

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