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Jason Chang

Mayor Swearengin, so what are you going to tell the current garbage processing people as they get adopted into these companies and after a year these companies let all these people go and therefore adding to the city and state's increasing unemployment numbers? Are you going to say "because you're no longer city employees you're no longer our problem?" Then the only way for these 2 companies to "dump" the amount of money back into the city is by sky rocketing their prices and therefore passing it along to the buying public. Me personally, I don't see the logic in your madness, and will probably vote against you in the next mayoral race.


$100 million shortfall? What the heck, there's less than 500,000 people in Fresno. The roads are in bad shape, the parks look like crap, down town buildings falling apart. Where has this money gone? I'd love to see a power point presentation of what the city income is and what percentage goes where and then start re-organizing. You have all those people in jail why aren't they out cleaning the parks or clearing empty fields of trash? You have people on calworks, have them fill positions at parks & recreation, filing papers, something.

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