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Ed Ward

If Mr. Radanovich pursues this initiative with the same energy and zeal he demonstrated as a Congressman, this idea won't go anywhere... a year from now, we won't even remember that he spoke about it.


Sally H.

George has faithfully served California's 19th Congressional District during his tenure in Congress. His work on both the Natural Resources and Energy and Commerce Committees has been exceptional. From rebuilding roads wiped out during rockslides in the Sierra's to the lack of water for farmers in the Valley, George has been there advocating for the Central Valley every step of the way. I personally met George at his health care town hall meeting that he held in the Valley. After meeting and talking with him I know that he has the passion and drive to make this world a better place and to reform our current government. I will be sad to see George leave Congress, however, I look forward to seeing this new idea of his further develop and his future work in continuing to make the Central Valley a great place to live.

Darren Rose

I commend Congressman Radanovich for articulating this critical message and for serving his constituents with dignity and professionalism. I know George worked countless hours on the concept behind this book and it’s great to see it come to fruition. It is also refreshing to see a political leader who actually stands for something and offers solutions. On a personal note, it reaffirms why I spent the last decade proudly working with him.

Jose M.

Congressman Radanovich pin-points the problem in our society: big government. Every time the government influences the family, the church, or commerce its effects are disastrous. I think Radanovich has the road map for getting this country back on track. Let the private sector fund the rebuilding of the family through the churches and get the government out of the business of charity. Instead of breeding dependency, we need to be creating a culture of freedom and responsibility. Kuddos to the Congressman for having the guts to say it like it is.

Jim D.

Radanovich is pushing an idea whose time has come. I hope he can make a difference.

Brian Forrest

Good for the Congressmen! I applaud his efforts in trying to find a solution to defeat poverty instead of continuing to empower the poor through dependency of government welfare! California needs to make some drastic changes quick and I whole heartedly support this movement.


Congressman Radanovich correctly notes that what ails the culture in an era of excessive Washington is not more Washington. Rather, he makes a point well stated by Paul Nisbet in his class book, The Quest for Community. There must be intermediating associations that reach people with compassion and engage them in the culture apart from the government, which can never do either effectively. An integral way to do that is through private charity, which has demonstrated a remarkable track record of success both at home and abroad. If the Congressman is successful at liberating private charity to do what it does best, he will put our communities and our nation on a viable path to cultural renewal. Hopefully his successor takes up this mantle on the Hill.

mark steele

I believe Congressman Radanovich has an excellent idea that creatively answers the charity issue that is failing today. Charity for centuries has been effectively delivered through religious organizations. Our Government has done a poor job of meeting the needs of children and people who need help. The Salvation Army is a good example of the church making a difference for the needy. I say, "Let's try a pilot project to implement this idea and compare the results to how the Government delivers charity."


I believe in what Congressman Radanovich is attempting by taking the funding of charities away from government control. The Congressman is looking at a long term solution instead of quick government band aids.

Justin White

The Congressman is right on track here. It is amazing how involved the federal government has gotten in our every day lives and I agree that if we don't change this culture of big government we are bound to fail under our own weight. I applaud the Congressman for his efforts!

Rachelle Taylor

I agree with Pastor Spees, this will be a very exciting movement. I'm thrilled to see Congressman Radanovich take an active in reforming this country from the ground up and placing responsibility back on to the church. I just pray that his passion will not be lost and that this book will come into fruition.

Tom Sommers

CBMC hosted a breakfast meeting of 25 business and ministry leaders to hear Congressman Radanovich as he shared his vision and his upcoming book.
We received strong support from all of those in attendance and we acknowledge the courage of Cngressman Radanovich to stand up for his beliefs and the future of our country.
Tom Sommers
Executive Director - CBMC

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